Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keels Are For Hugging

I've encountered several people who have gone the carryon-only route, flying to Valencia, based upon my reports of late-arriving luggage. So there. I've done some good in this world. Had I also been able to whistle up some wind, we could have seen the second-round rematch today of Mascalzone Latino's upset of New Zealand—which provided the first fireworks of the challenger eliminations. Reading that much, you know it didn't happen. Nor did we have the perfunctory matchup of +39 versus Areva.

On the other racecourse, however, we had Luna Rossa over China Team by 2:57, BMW Oracle over Germany by 3:17, and Shosholoza beating themselves to hand spoiler points to Victory Challenge, 0:52 ahead. "Spoiler points" being the point of view of Desafío Español and Mascalzone Latino, and there, that completes the list of three rivals for the fourth spot in the final four.

Shosholoza carried their self-inflicted beating all the way to breaking a spinnaker pole. Since they're further back in the standings, Desafío Español and Mascalzone Latino would have preferred to see Shosholoza win.

Mr. Lucky-On-Sunday was Angus Phillips of the Washington Post, who rode as 18th man on BMW Oracle. The thought bubble in this shot reads, And so I told the President . . .

© Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

Well, I'm not one to be outdone. Here I am on MY ride with the Kiwis during the Acts. Take that, Phillips. And thanks to Daniel Forster for the lenscraft.

© Daniel Forster

Looking at the dance card, and not having an invitation on a raceboat, I saw this as a good day to stay ashore. I had good company here. Have you hugged your keel today?

What could this lineup of people possibly be for?


And they're off on their tour of Port America's Cup. That large building behind them is the Media Center, the largest single-purpose structure at Port America's Cup, and it doesn't even house all the media. To think, in Newport they didn't even like the press.

So is it light air everywhere? The NOOD on the Chesapeake has had one day with zero sailing and a second day with "some." And way out west, the Ensenada Race has been a crawl. Here's a press release photo that I imagine was shot by Rich Roberts. The caption reads: Magnitude 80 inches toward the finish line on a glassy Todos Santos Bay.

Course time for Doug Baker's Magnitude 80 was 21:04:23, which is about double the monohull record. Stark Raving Mad, a cant-keel Reichel Pugh, arrived 12 minutes later.

And that's your Ensenada Race report from Valencia—Kimball