Monday, January 14, 2008

Justice Cahn is Solomon

How else to explain a single ruling that pleases two opponents equally.

Or so they say.

This from Alinghi:

Today Justice Cahn decided against issuing a settlement order until after he has examined the arguments raised by Société Nautique de Genève with regard to the validity of the Golden Gate Yacht Club challenge. He scheduled a further hearing for the 23rd January.

Counsel for Société Nautique de Genève, Lucien Masmejan, commented on the days proceedings: “We are very pleased with the result of today’s court hearing. Justice Cahn has acknowledged that our arguments with regard to the invalidity of the GGYC certificate need to be examined in full and have substance. We believe that the further proceedings contemplated by Justice Cahn will bring clarity to the validity of the GGYC challenge.”

And this from BMW Oracle Racing:

The Golden Gate Yacht Club said today it is pleased the court order giving effect to the November 27 decision in its favor is expected to be made soon.
Justice Herman Cahn of the New York State Supreme Court today heard further arguments on the order and scheduled a hearing for January 23. GGYC expects the Court will sign the order either then or shortly afterwards.

“We were very pleased with today,” Tom Ehman, the club’s spokesman said. “Justice Cahn clearly has a thorough understanding of the issues. We are confident the Court’s decision of November 27 will be enforced in the order, leading to a Deed of Gift regatta in October, 2008.”

And lest we forget—

I'd be curious to know how much Team Origin is enjoying the V5 ACC boat it bought off Alinghi last June.

And I'd be curious to know how excited Team Germany is about completing ACC 101. They started building, remember, while the last round of racing was under way.

It's not as though there weren't a few signs in the tea leaves. I find that I wrote this on July 2, while America's Cup 32 was still in progress:

"There are any number of issues that derive from having a defender-governed challenger selection, so the eventual publication of the protocol for America's Cup 33 will be a matter of great interest.

"As will the independence of jury and race committee.

"The astute reader will note that I have left extra space for reading between the lines."

I didn't know the tenth of it—Kimball