Saturday, May 5, 2007

Enough Quantity, Ready for Quality

The dance card for today (sabado) doesn't look like much unless you're betting that the German boat will upset the Kiwis, and the French boat will upset BMW Oracle, and anything can happen, but those are not good bets. The one race of obvious interest is the rematch of Desafío Español and Mascalzone Latino, a punishment of the Latin Rascals for backstay abuse in the race they thought they took off the Spanish.

As I write, the race between Desafío Español and Shosholoza is under way after a very active prestart; great spectating. But I'm not following this one through. I have other fish to fry. I'm getting out of Port America's Cup and talking to some people beyond the beltway, so that in the next few days I can bring you something more than race reports.

I'm ready to get beyond quantity, and down to quality, in my ACC racing. Let's cut some boats.

For European readers, this is it for Saturday. Those of you stateside can expect an update very early Sunday. By that time we just might know if Mascalzone still has hopes of making the cut to the final four, and is Areva still breathing or has the French boat joined +39, United Internet Team Germany, and China Team in the regions of the lost.

A parting note. There's been a large and successful effort to awaken Valencianos to the fact that the America's Cup is in town. But I do believe this Alinghi banner at the Puente Aragon (over the Turia) is the winner for sheer scale. And yes, you do see ATV's on the street—Kimball